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2024 Mach One Electric Skateboard DEPOSIT

Mach One 2024 Electric Skateboard DEPOSIT

50% Deposit on US$3300 full price
Balance due end August
Delivery late 2024

The most anticipated electric skateboard of the year! A giant leap forward in powered skateboarding. Only 100 units being produced. Each individually numbered. Secure yours now!


  • Range 30-50km / 20-30 miles.
  • Power 8000W.
  • Speed 64kph (40mph) / 72kph (45mph).
  • Swing arm suspension system (adjustable).
  • Carbon fiber monocoque with easy-swap deck system.
  • Advanced R6 trucks derived from modern downhill skate technology.
  • Radium airless rubber 125mm wheels.
  • Optional torque vectoring system (RTS).
  • Charge time under 2 hours.
  • Battery - 48V 1089Wh Molicel P42A (12S6P)
  • Motors - Radium 6485 brushless 205kv
  • ESC - Makerx DV6s
  • Remote - Hoyt Puck
  • Trucks - Radium R6 (30/60deg, +3mm rake)
  • Wheels - Radium SR125 rubber
  • Wheel compatibility - supports 8mm axle kegel core wheels
  • Deck - 10.4in hollow carbon fiber with reverse radial concave, drop and mild W
  • Enclosure - Structural carbon fiber
  • Bearings - Zealous Classic
  • Torque vectoring - RTS
  • Suspension - Adjustable swing arm suspension
  • Drive system - Polyurethane belt drive
  • Charger - Radium 12A 1kg fast charger
  • Weight - 17kg

50% deposit required up front.

Balance payment due by July 31.

Balance payment will include freight & taxes which is TBA and will be announced before the refund period.

Deposit is fully refundable until June 1 when production begins. After the date of June 1 should you wish to receive a refund, a 25% cancellation fee will apply.

Boards will be shipped from China to distributors in each country. Local shipping charges will apply.